May 25, 2022

Our Mission

The Swedish School of New Jersey provides supplemental Swedish Education for children on a lower, middle and senior level.  The children meet once  a week for two hours in Basking Ridge, Princeton and Ridgewood.  The lessons are taught in Swedish, which must be an active language at home in order for a student to assimilate the education.  The school follows the curriculum for supplemental education determined by the Swedish government.

The Purpose of education in supplementary Swedish aims at strengthening the students’ concept of his/her identity as well as keeping and developing his/her knowledge in the Swedish language.

Language is an instrument for communication in order to develop a person’s personality and capacity to think and learn, and it is also the key to cultural heritage and to literature.  To use the language – verbally and in writing – is an absolute requirement in order to participate actively in society.  The supplementary Swedish education has therefore a most important task to make opportunities in language development available in every possible way to the students living abroad.

The school aims to:

  • Support parents in their efforts to let their children be bi-languable
  • Create a sprit of comradeship and community for Swedish speaking children
  • Be a valuable resource for families seeking cultural and social activities within the local Swedish ”colony”.

The school is financed through donations as well as an annual support from the Swedish National Agnecy for Education.  For further inforamtion, please contact the Swedish School at