May 25, 2022


The education at the Swedish School of New Jersey follows the curriculum determined by Skolverket (SKOLFS 2011:124.


Every year the students will work with a specific theme which will inform all lessons. Examples of previous themes include Smultronställen (my favourite places), Far och flyg i Sverige (Up and away in Sweden), and Mat-KUL-tur (Food, culture and fun). We have all come from another country or moved within the country, so we have studied emigration, immigration and global migration. The theme for this year is I Ord och Bild (In Words and Images). The collected material has been presented as role-play, illustrations, songs and books at the graduation at the end of the year.

Other activities throughout the year include a sports day or theme day, SUF-OS or SUF-VM, lucia procession at the Christmas fair arranged by SWEA, Julgransplundring (Goodbye to Christmas celebration), brännboll (rounders), and the end of year graduation in New York.

To enroll you have to be seven years old or turn seven during that semester. We have a pre-school for children who are five years old. Younger kids and siblings have fun in the nursery.

All education is in Swedish, which has to be a spoken language at home so that the students can take advantage of what is taught.